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Rapid Bus Lines as Economic Drivers

Finance & Commerce / Feb. 4, 2016

Bus Rapid Transit lines can generate economic developlment, attract high-paying jobs and increase property values, according to a study released last month by the Metropolitan Research Center at the University of Utah.

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Lake Elmo Reverses Course, Rejects Proposed Gold Line Bus Rapid Transit Project in Split Vote

Jan. 20, 2016

A future alignment for the eastern-most segment of the Gateway Corridor transit line is uncertain after the Jan. 5 vote cast by the Lake Elmo City Council to block passage of the public transportation system in the city.

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Washington County Receives Grants for Red Rock, Gateway BRT Projects

Jan. 13, 2016

Washington County received two grants that will help fund preparations for the Gateway Corridor and Red Rock Corridor bus rapid transit projects.

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Red Rock Corridor Plans Coming Along

Jan. 10, 2016

East Side residents could one day use a bus rapid transit line to go to jobs in Cottage Grove.

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Lake Elmo Votes Not to be Served by the Gold Line; What's Next?

Jan. 7, 2016

On January 6, the Lake Elmo City Council voted not to be on the Gateway Gold Line Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) line that would connect the East Metro region with new, modern transportation options. The 3-2 vote takes the city out of further planning for the line. Last fall, the City Council supported planning for the line generally, and planning for routes through Lake Elmo specifically, 5-0. 

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Metro Briefs: Gold Line Receives Grants from Metro Counties

Jan. 2, 2016

The Gold Line bus rapid transit project has received two grants worth $6.75 million from the Counties Transit Improvement Board (CTIB), the five-county cooperative that funds transit from sales and motor vehicle taxes.

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Gold Line Awarded $6.75 Million in Grants

Dec. 21, 2015

Gateway Gold Line Bus Rapid Transit is the beneficiary of two grants worth a combined $6.75 million announced recently by the Counties Transit Improvement Board. The grants will help pay for environmental and engineering work and for project support work necessary to transition from the current phase to the next.

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Gateway Corridor Commission Members, Project Stakeholders Meet with Federal Leaders

Oct. 15, 2015

Members of the Gateway Corridor Commission, business representatives and elected officials returned last week with heightened optimism for the Gold Line bus rapid transit project after two days of meetings with federal officials in Washington, D.C.

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St. Paul: Fast Buses to Connect People to Jobs

Pioneer Press Editorial / Sep. 23, 2015

A $1 million federal grant -- funded by taxpayers -- will help fund planning for development around 13 proposed stops, a step that could help boost the line's appeal and usefulness to riders and create economic benefits for the region.

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Federal Grant to Help Prepare Gateway Corridor Gold Line Bus Rapid Transit for Development Opportunities

Sept. 14, 2015

The Federal Transit Administration is recognizing the Gateway Corridor Gold Line bus rapid transit project with a $1 million grant, part of a competitive new pilot program for transit- oriented development planning.

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The Gateway Gold Line is Moving Forward – With Your Help

Lisa Weik / Lillie News / Aug. 27, 2015

The Gateway Corridor Gold Line Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) project is making great progress this summer on environmental work, conceptual design and refinement of the route. In order to create the best transit service possible for this corridor between Saint Paul and Woodbury/Lake Elmo, we need your help. I have already heard from many of you, and I wanted to share answers to some of the most common questions.

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Public Input Requested on Gateway Gold Line BRT Eastern Alignment, Station Locations Hearing Set for Sept. 10

Aug. 14, 2015

The Gateway Corridor Commission, comprised of elected officials, and business and community leaders in the East Metro, made an initial recommendation for public comment Aug. 13 on a refinement of the Gold Line bus rapid transit alignment and station locations in Woodbury and Lake Elmo.

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St. Paul: Keeping Bus-rapid-transit on Pace in the East Metro

Pioneer Press / June 23, 2015

East-metro transit advocates are wise to make the "jobs" connection when they draw attention to the Minnesota Legislature's decision against including funding for the Gateway Corridor this year.

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Congresswoman McCollum and Governor Dayton’s Weigh-in on Gateway Corridor

June 26, 2015

Congresswoman McCollum wrote to Governor Dayton requesting his support for the $3 million request at the Legislature. Governor Dayton responded stating his support for building out the entire metropolitan area transit system.

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Gateway Corridor Regroups after Legislative, Special Sessions

June 16, 2015

Community leaders in the Gateway Corridor are regrouping after the Legislature did not approve a $3 million request, during the regular or special sessions, for a proposed bus rapid transit project that would connect the East Metro to the regional transit system.

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For the East Metro, House Transportation Bill Would be the End of New Transit

Mary Giuliani Stephens / Pioneer Press / May 12, 2015

More than five years ago, citizens, mayors, and businesses along I-94 began planning the best way to improve transportation in the Gateway corridor between St. Paul and Wisconsin. I'm a member of the Gateway Corridor Commission, and am proud of the plan we came up with together over that five years of work. Every city in the corridor has voted to make Gold Line bus rapid transit (BRT) the Locally Preferred Alternative.

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Keep the Gold Line Moving, so It can Keep Us Moving

Susan Kent, Karin Housley, JoAnn Ward, Kelly Fenton / MinnPost / May 8, 2015

"We need more progress on the Gold Line BRT, and we need it in 2015," say Sen. Susan Kent (DFL-Woodbury), Sen. Karin Housley (R-St. Mary's Point), Rep. JoAnn Ward (DFL-Woodbury), and Rep. Kelly Fenton (R-Woodbury).

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National Expert Says East Metro will ‘Reinvent’ Meaning of Bus Rapid Transit, Lead the Nation

April 17, 2015

A room of nearly 100 policy makers and business leaders were encouraged by what they heard April 15 at the Gateway Corridor Development Forum, held at Globe University in Woodbury. Two national experts shared ideas on how communities and developers can use the proposed Gold Line bus rapid transit project to create prosperous communities.

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For More Information from the Forum:

Dena Belzer's Presentation

Roger Millar's Presentation

An Urgent Need in the East Metro: Better Transit

Matt Kramer, Lisa Weik / Pioneer Press / April 9, 2015

A Pioneer Press opinion piece says the difference between the labor markets in Minneapolis and Saint Paul is transit accessibility. Efforts are underway to bring balance to the regional transit system.

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National Experts to Share Ideas for Optimizing the Development Response to the Gold Line BRT

April 9, 2015

Business people and policy makers will learn how the proposed Gold Line bus rapid transit line can support development and help create prosperous communities at the Gateway Corridor Development Forum Tuesday, April 14, 12:30 p.m., at Globe University, 8147 Globe Drive, Woodbury.

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Gateway Corridor Development Forum Flier

Oakdale Hires Bart Fischer as New City Administrator

Lillie News/ Feb. 18, 2015

After five months without a city administrator, Oakdale has hired Bart Fischer to fill the role. He replaces Craig Waldron, who left the city to teach at Hamline University last August after over 20 years on the job.

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Council Chair Duininck, Local Officials Tour Gateway Corridor

Metropolitan Council Chair Adam Duininck wrapped up the first week of his seven-county tour on Feb. 6 with a bus ride through the Gateway Corridor (future METRO Gold Line) in the east metro area.

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St. Paul Looking for Resident feedback on Gateway Corridor Stations

Lillie News / Patrick Larkin / Feb. 23, 2015

Though the rough locations of St. Paul stops for the Gateway Corridor are set, the specifics have yet to be hammered out for the up-and-coming transit line.

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Congresswoman McCollum, Local Leaders Discuss Gateway Corridor BRT with Governor

Gov. Mark Dayton heard Feb. 9 from community leaders who say $3 million in state funding is essential this legislative session to keep the momentum going for cost effective, reliable bus rapid transit (BRT) in the Gateway Corridor, a 12-mile stretch along Interstate 94 and Hudson Road between downtown St. Paul and Woodbury.

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Gateway Corridor to Ask for $3 Million from Legislature to Advance Bus Rapid Transit Proposal

Gateway Corridor Commission members at their December meeting voted unanimously to support a request for $3 million from the 2015 Minnesota Legislature to fulfill the state’s share of the next phase of work on the proposed bus rapid transit project between Saint Paul and Woodbury along Interstate 94 and Hudson Road. The money would fund engineering and environmental analysis work in the Project Development phase of the Federal Transit Administration process.

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Counties Transit Improvement Board Supports Gateway Corridor with Two Grants

The Counties Transit Improvement Board acted Nov. 19 on its annual grant awards, signaling its continued commitment to advancing transit projects across the region. Two grants totaling $1.32 million will go to the Gateway Corridor, a 12-mile proposed bus rapid transit line between downtown Saint Paul and Woodbury, along Interstate 94 and Hudson Road.

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Public Health, Land Use Interests Merge in Health Impact Assessment for Gateway Corridor

A health impact assessment is underway to help inform land use changes around the Gateway Corridor’s bus-rapid-transit stations proposed along Interstate 94 and Hudson Road between Saint Paul and Woodbury.

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Transit Mode, Route Approved by All the Cities and Counties Along the Gateway Corridor

Each of the six cities and two counties along the Gateway Corridor has approved the locally preferred alternative (LPA) for the proposed transit line.

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Gateway Corridor Plans Take a Big Step Forward

Pioneer Press/ Elizabeth Mohr/Oct. 8, 2014

Each of the six cities and two counties along the Gateway Corridor has approved the locally preferred alternative (LPA) for the proposed transit line.

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Split Council Gives Nod to Gateway Corridor

Woodbury Bulletin / Riham Feshir / Sept. 25, 2014

All six cities along the Gateway Corridor have officially approved a bus rapid transit alignment that runs along the north side of Interstate 94 before dropping into Woodbury at the end of the proposed line at Manning Avenue.

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Strong Job Growth Projected Along Gateway Transit Route

Star Tribuen / Kevin Giles / Sept. 19, 2014

Planners expect strong employment between St. Paul and Woodbury along proposed BRT line.

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St. Paul City Council Approves Gateway Bus Rapid Transit Route

Pioneer Press / Frederick Melo / Sept. 17, 2014

The St. Paul City Council has given its blessing to the Gateway Corridor Commission's proposed transit route from downtown St. Paul to Washington County.

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Route and Mode for Gateway Corridor Advances

Finance & Commerce / Cali Owings / Sept. 15, 2014

Community leaders along the 12-mile Gateway Corridor from St. Paul to Woodbury approved a locally preferred alternative last Thursday for the bus rapid transit route.

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Residents in Gateway Path Seek Feeder System

Woodbury Bulletin / Michael Longaecker / Aug. 12, 2014

If Gateway Corridor buses are one day going to link Woodbury and downtown St. Paul, there must be a convenient way for riders to reach the stations, residents along the proposed route said last week.

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Lake Elmo Meeting Set for Gateway Corridor Talk

Pioneer Press / Aug. 12, 2014

Owners of property along Hudson Boulevard in Lake Elmo are invited to learn more about potential transit-oriented development in the Gateway Corridor.

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Did You Know? Transit Challenges Affect St. Paul's East Side

Twin Cities Daily Planet / Jennifer Herman/Aug. 12, 2014

Did you know that there are three potential transit projects that could have a direct impact on the future of Dayton’s Bluff?

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Feds to Gateway Officials: Reconsider Managed Lane

Woodbury Bulletin / Michael Longaecker / June 27, 2014

Washington County planners have resubmitted documents to a federal agency after officials there demanded a discarded transit option be given a second look.

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Gateway Aimed at Route Less Traveled

Finance & Commerce / Cali Owings / July 25, 2014

Aiming for less impact to existing properties and more economic development potential, the alignment for a 12-mile bus rapid transit line from St. Paul’s Union Depot to Woodbury will hit less-developed portions of the corridor.

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Route Set for Gateway Corridor Transit Line

Star Tribune / Jim Anderson / July 25, 2014

The bus rapid-transit line would start at Woodbury’s eastern edge and run west along Interstate 94 and end at St. Paul’s Union Depot.

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St. Paul-to-Woodbury Preferred Bus Route Mostly North of I-94

Pioneer Press/ Elizabeth Mohr/July 25, 2014

An advisory committee on Thursday approved a plan that solidifies the preferred mode, route and endpoints for the Gateway Corridor, the east metro transitway connecting St. Paul and Washington County.

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BRT, Route Preference Recommended for Gateway Corridor

The Gateway Corridor Policy Advisory Committee passed a resolution July 24 recommending a locally preferred alternative, which includes bus rapid transit (BRT) in a dedicated guide-way as the mode of transit and a more specific route than previously identified along I-94 and Hudson Road.

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It’s Fast Buses Between St. Paul and Washington County

Pioneer Press / Editorial / July 15, 2014

The east metro area is a step closer to first-of-its kind transit in the region that could open new job opportunities to people in St. Paul, if it lives up to its promise.

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St. Paul to Woodbury Gateway Corridor Buses Get Nod Over Light Rail

Pioneer Press/ Elizabeth Mohr / July 11, 2014

Bus rapid transit has been selected as the preferred option for the Gateway Corridor, knocking light-rail trains out of the running.

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Bus Rapid Transit Selected as Preferred Transit Option for Gateway Corridor

Public Invited to Public Hearing Aug. 7

Bus rapid transit (BRT) in a dedicated guideway was selected July 10 as the preferred transit option to advance for further study in the Gateway Corridor. BRT was selected over light rail transit or a managed lane based on the results of technical analysis and community input.

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Gateway Took ‘Big Step’ at Legislature

Woodbury Bulletin / Editorial by Sen. Susan Kent / June 25, 2014

Local lawmakers said the Gateway Corridor project picked up momentum this year at the Legislature, even though it didn’t receive the dedicated bonding money originally sought.

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Between St. Paul and Woodbury, a Gateway

Pioneer Press / Editorial / May 27, 2014

Last week was a good one in the push for east-metro equity in the region’s transit development. The White House put the Gateway Corridor, running east from downtown St. Paul, on a list of 11 new transportation projects across the country that are on the fast track for federal permitting.

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Next on List: Extend Transit to Woodbury

Star Tribune / Editorial by Lisa Weik and Rafael Ortega / May 12, 2014

Here in Ramsey and Washington counties, elected officials, business leaders and members of the public are seeing seismic changes in population and job growth. We recognize the need to ensure that our infrastructure is robust and capable of moving people efficiently and effectively.

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Gateway Corridor Representatives Encouraged
by Visit to LA’s Orange Line

Community leaders experience bus rapid transit

Members of the Gateway Corridor Commission, as well as business and community leaders, were inspired by their tour of the Metro Orange Line Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) corridor in Los Angeles June 25 through 27.

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President Fast-tracks Gateway Corridor Rapid
Transit Project

The hard work and collaborative effort of partners advocating for improved transit in the Gateway Corridor, from Saint Paul to Woodbury, was rewarded last week when President Barack Obama announced that 11 projects will receive expedited review and permitting. Gateway is one of them, and one of two Minnesota projects on the list.

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Thank You Letter to President Obama

Legislature Includes Gateway Corridor Transit
in Bonding Bill

Rapid transit in the Gateway Corridor, between Union Depot in Saint Paul and Woodbury, is one step closer to reality after the Minnesota Legislature last week included it on the list of transit projects eligible for bonding dollars.

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Planners Buckle Down on Gateway Corridor

Finance and Commerce | James Warden | April 21, 2014

2014 Critics of the Gateway Corridor have shared a litany of worries about the proposed transit line during a public comment period that ended this week, but project leaders say they believe that’s largely due to unfamiliarity with the plan.

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Gateway Could Open Doors to Globe University

Globe University Blogs | Brittney Klingl | March 28, 2014

“Transportation is the second highest expense per household,” says Lindsey Wollschlage, community liaison with the Gateway Corridor, a proposed public transportation project.

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Shaping Future of Transit Along I-94

Star Tribune | Kevin Giles | March 8, 2014

Planners of a proposed Gateway Corridor transitway along Interstate 94 are looking for public comment on what to study in the environmental draft phase of the project.

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Public Input Requested in Gateway Corridor Scoping Project

Project planners are looking for input on what to study in the Gateway Corridor during the Draft Environmental Impact Statement phase.

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Gateway Rapid Transit Route Options Subject of Feb. 6 Open House

The Gateway Corridor project is considering two route alignments for bus rapid transit (BRT) or light rail transit (LRT) through Oakdale, Lake Elmo and Woodbury.

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Mayor Pushes Transit at Business Breakfast

Star Tribune | Eric Roper | Jan. 16, 2014

Mayor Betsy Hodges told Twin Cities business leaders Wednesday morning that transit and transportation investments are crucial to attracting new residents.

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MN Fails to Keep Up with Transportation Needs

Star Tribune | Editorial Board | Jan. 11, 2014

Minnesota has unfinished business on transportation. Six years ago, the Legislature overrode a governor’s veto to temporarily shore up roads and transit.

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Some New Year’s Resolutions for Minneapolis St. Paul

MinnPost | Marlys Harris | Jan. 3, 2014

What should we be doing to make our people more prosperous, our streets safer and our vistas lovelier to look upon?

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