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Please review the Scoping Booklet and help us determine the alternatives and issues to be studied in the Gateway Corridor Draft EIS by providing comments on the areas outlined below. Alternatively, you may attend one of the Scoping Meetings (March 24th or March 25th), mail the public comment sheet, or email project staff.

Project Manager - Andy Gitzlaff, Senior Planner

Washington County Public Works Department
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The Scoping Comment period closes on April 16, 2014.

Comments on the five factors that contribute to the need for the Gateway Corridor project (Pages 7-8 of the Scoping Booklet)

Comments on transit alternatives proposed for study in the Draft EIS, such as BRT vs. LRT, routes, station locations (Pages 13-14 of the Scoping Booklet)

Are there particular impacts or benefits from the Gateway Corridor project that you think need to be studied in the Draft EIS? (Page 17 of the Scoping Booklet)

Do you have any other comments on the Gateway Corridor

What is the fourth letter in 'Gateway'?


Gateway Corridor Fact Sheet

Current overview and next steps in transit planning.

Download Fact Sheet (PDF)

Gateway Corridor Map

Map of the Gateway Corridor from the St. Croix River Bridge to Saint Paul / Minneapolis.

Download Map (PDF)