The Gateway Corridor

The Gateway Corridor stretches from downtown St. Paul to Woodbury/Lake Elmo, parallel to Interstate 94 and along Hudson Road. It is the doorway to and from Minnesota and Wisconsinís diverse communities. Not only does the Gateway Corridor represent the front step to urban, suburban and rural areas, it also is an entry point to corporate campuses, educational institutions, commercial centers, and recreational destinations.

For more details about the project, check out the FAQ and Transit Study pages.

Community leaders along the corridor have worked tirelessly to explore transit options to make the region stronger, today and in the future. They believe the regionís ability to maintain a high quality of life and compete for economic opportunities rests, in part, on our ability to effectively move people and goods.

Why Gateway makes sense

  1. The Gateway project proactively addresses growth in traffic congestion.
  2. It helps us compete regionally and nationally.
  3. It will provide a focal point for more concentrated development as the region grows.
  4. Transit is safe, less stressful and more convenient.
  5. Transit in the Gateway Corridor can help companies recruit and retain employees.
  6. Transit services in the Gateway Corridor will help seniors and others who canít drive, or choose not to drive.


Community and business outreach is a valued part of the Gateway Corridor study process. Staff is available to present at any community meeting or event. Please submit a request on the contact us page if you would like us at your next meeting.


Gateway Corridor Fact Sheet

Current overview and next steps in transit planning.

Download Fact Sheet (PDF)

Gateway Corridor Map

Map of the Gateway Corridor.

Download Map (PDF)


Addressing Congestion Growth

We're excited about the possibility of frequent, all-day rapid transit service between St. Paul and Woodbury.
This video provides an overview of the need for the project.